Thursday, May 09, 2013

Kaylyn Del

 See my foot in the picture, trying to get her to stay put?!

I love it!

Kaylyn had a beautiful birthday that we celebrated in style.

And by style I mean singing to her at the top of our lungs, washing her face so that we could take at least one picture of her without also displaying her last four meals, throwing her two presents at her without wrappings, fighting over who got to play with those presents first (the alphabet letters and a book), admitting that those presents were from grandma and that we didn't actually get her anything, frantically drawing pictures for her to assuage our guilt over not getting her anything, putting candles in the treats that our home teachers brought over and calling it birthday rice krispie treat cake, and singing to her at the top of our lungs again.

Happy Birthday, Blue!

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