Thursday, May 09, 2013


Benjamin, upon visiting my parents' ward primary...where he has visited a number of times before...
Teacher:  And what's your name?
Benjamin:  It is still Benjamin.

Me:  Yum!  This avocado-banana smoothie is way better than the avocado strawberry.
EmJ:  I'm sure it is.  But I still don't want any.

EmJ's friend:  My mom says the only thing she is scared of is losing us....and seaweed.

Me:  Emmeline, it is still homework hour.  Go do something to stimulate your brain.
EmJ:  Can I just make fun of libs?

EmJ:  I have a big test on Monday, so I was thinking that on Sunday I will just spend the whole day sleeping like you do.

Reillee:  When they vacuumed the potty that was the disgtiest smell I ever smelled!
(I think "distgiest" is a cross between nasty and disgusting.  The port-a-potty pump that we had occasion to witness was both....with a little bit of filthy, gross, and horrendous mixed in.)

Joshua:  *stroking his new running shoes* Two thirds and a second (place).  All thanks to these babies.
(He is doing awesome in track and field!  But I miss baseball something fierce.)

Kayde:  *standing*
Me:  Walk, Kayde.
Kayde:  *shakes her head and sits down*
Kayde:  *stands back up*
Me:  Come here, Kayde.
Kayde:  *shakes her head and sits down*
Kayde:  *stands back up*
Me:  Walk to...
Kayde:  *shakes her head and sits down*
(Get the picture?!)

Sam:  Mom, this is definitely NOT a true movie.  Except the troll.  The troll is real.

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Jaime said...

I love your family.