Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Guess what I found?
My memory card for my camera.
I was so excited to use it that I put it right in my crappy camera....and then proceeded to delete all 40+ pictures that were already in the camera and anything that had been on the memory card when it was lost.
And then,
my laptop crashed.
Thankfully, I am pretty on the ball about backing things up, so all I lost between the camera and the computer was...
The last day of school and the whole entire summer!
That is not a happy exclamation point.
So that's awesome.
Our summer has been great so far, the last days of school were chaotic and wonderful, Luke got an iPhone and has lots of pictures that I will one day learn how to download and put on the blog so we at least have some record of the last three months.
Unfortunately, he mostly takes pictures of people he sees that clearly love their pets more than their humans so that he can text them to people like me who find that completely ridiculous.
Oh well!
I did overhear a great conversation between the boys and Luke yesterday...
Luke:  If you guys keep fighting I will make you clean out the gutter with your tongue.
Gus:  Dibs!  Not doing it!
Willie:  Double dibs!  Not doing it!
Gus:  Triple dibs!  Destroying every ladder in the universe so we can't do it!
Luke:  Quadruple dibs!  I'm the dad and you do what I say.
Willie and Gus:  (dead serious)  There is no such thing as quadruple dibs.
Also, Sam learned how to tie her shoes.  Five minutes after she bought them.  She is ready for kindergarten, or as she told her Grandma, she might just "skip to first grade because she is so smart."
Okay, okay, so the picture is the teaser for the load that is coming of our exciting adventures--in two weeks we'll be moving to Mars the Bay Area, we'll have a new (BIGGER!!!) house, and we'll have lots of back-to-school fun to show you!

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Linds said...

Have Luke download the Blogger app (free from the app store0 to his phone. Then you can easily upload any photos on this phone. I'm excited to see photos of your new house!