Saturday, July 13, 2013


I am compiling an ever-growing list of unfinished posts...both in my head and on paper...

They are unfinished because of Luke.  He is away from us so much these days that I tell all my funny kid stories to him.  And by the time I sit down at night to blog our funny stories, I am too tired to tell them all again.  So you, blog journal and any of her readers, have been seriously neglected.  I can't promise a change, but I can at least record a quotable from today. 

This abrupt change of subject happened right as I was finishing what I fancied to be a great little scripture and spiritual thought at bedtime...

Reillee:  Hey Mom, know what?  There are two kinds of boogers.  Juicy Ones and Not Juicy Ones.  I really like Juicy Ones.
Sam:  Me, too!

You're welcome for sharing that.  Here are a few other notables from the last few...months...?

Me:  What did you name your pet shops?
The Boss:  They are all named Elizabeth.  Except her, she is Twilight Sparkle.

Reillee:  Oh, I hate ipsnich!
Me:  I don't know what ipsich is, just drink your smoothie.
Reillee:  But the ipsnich is yucky!
Me:  Oh, the spinach?
Reillee:  Yes, the ipsnich!
Me:  That's kale, not spinach.
Reillee:  Oh!
(And she drinks it with a smile!  Me, I'd take ipsnich any day.)

While on a hike...

Reillee:  Mo-om!  What is happening to us?!
(Clearly, we don't get out enough.)

And I loved this one from Willie...upon finding out that I had withheld from him some incredibly-important-to-a-kid information...

Willie:  Mom!  You should be ashamed.  of.  your.  self.

Luke got a new calling a few weeks ago, and took his first turn announcing Stake business at the beginning of Sacrament Meeting.  Since he was in our ward, he came to sit with us when he was done.  Willie leaned right over, put his hand on Luke's shoulder, and said loud enough for everyone to hear, "That was pretty good for your first time."

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