Sunday, September 29, 2013


The past two Saturdays, I have come home from my run soaking, sopping, dripping wet.  Last week, it was because there was a downpour.  Yesterday, it was because Luke got me with the garden hose as I ran up.  We are awesome like that.

Benjamin fell out of his chair this morning at breakfast.  I'd like to say that one of my kids pulled the chair out from under him, but I'm pretty sure he played the prank on himself.  To make it even funnier, he was in the middle of telling us that he doesn't want to go to "Lost" Vegas because it is lost in another state.  Metaphorically, Benjamin, Vegas is pretty lost.

The Primary Program was today.  I especially enjoyed the part where Sam spent 15 minutes teaching herself how to snap and the part where she spent some time completely sprawled out on her chair making faces at the ceiling.  Joshua added to the program by having a major league sized wad of gum in his mouth...but don't worry, he took it out right before he said his part and put it back in when he was done.  Benjamin was wearing his belt backwards, but at least he did not go to church with a walkie-talkie hanging on the backwards belt.  And EmJ sang and spoke, as always, with a face completely void of expression.

EmJ started swimming this week.  And by that I mean that she sits in the shallow end of the pool practicing bobbing her head under the water while the rest of the class is learning the butterfly stroke.  Goooooo Sports!

Joshua's baseball season took a turn for the better this Saturday when he cranked a double.  He had previously gone 0-200647 at the plate.

Benjamin's cross country season took a turn for the worse though, as he came home with a purple "Participant" ribbon on Friday night.  That was disappointing to him after coming in 8th at his first meet.  Sam's race was the best, though.  Someone stepped on her heel at the start, causing her to run right out of her shoe.  She stood there and cried until I ran out and put her shoe back on and told her to "quick, catch up to everyone!"  She came in 95th.  (But to her credit, that was 95 out of 150...and she started out dead last.  Benjamin's 8th place upset was just as amazing.  Someone should make a movie about it.  No really.  This doesn't just happen every day.)

Kaylyn has scribbled on the walls no less than 15 times this week.  I just follow her around cleaning up messes, vacuuming up crumbs, putting things back in their place, and now, scrubbing highlighter off the walls.  (No joke, she just dumped a bag of cereal on the carpet.)

Of course, I have plenty of time for all of that.  In fact, I have nothing but time on my hands since we started home-schooling Benjamin (I know, I know...can he get any weirder?!).  The refrigerator stays stocked now, the chores are all caught up, the kids bathe more regularly, I get plenty of sleep and exercise and am well-groomed at all times, and I never, ever worry that I am scarring my child in some irreparable way.


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G-ma said...

It is so nice to see another blog. I just love seeing what you write. I must say this one sounds like home to me :-)
Love Grandma A