Monday, October 28, 2013

Everything and Nothing

 I dumped zillions of photos from Luke's phone a few days ago...and thought I'd post a few of my favorites.  So here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  First, a picture of Sam during her preschool graduation.  She started it.
 Luke's last day of seminary...hopefully not forever...He is missing seminary horribly.
 The Yankee/Mariner game.

 General Conference weekend...I love Gus' power fist.  Yes We Can!

 This is Sam trying to get a baseball at one of Willie's games.  She almost got there...but right about the time we took this picture she looked down and got scared.
 One of the many things I love about this move is that we live close enough to the church to walk.  Luke and I and our ducklings, every Sunday morning...and Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night....
 EmJ being silly when I insisted that she let me take a picture of her all sassed up for picture day at school.
 Willie pitching.  Not only can we play baseball in the fall here, but it is sunny and warm for every game.  I know you already know that, but I can't help bragging.
 Benjamin running cross country...He did pretty well and won "Most Improved" for the team.  He came in 8th at one meet, and 23rd in the championship meet (out of, well, LOTS of kids).
 Benjamin was very disappointed that he wouldn't get to be at picture day at the elementary school.  So we had picture day at Mean Mom School.
 Skinny jeans.  Super skinny jeans.  Red ones.  Oy.
 We got a new bed.  It is my opinion that we had the very worst mattress ever made.  Now, however, I have a wonderful, KING sized mattress and I sleep soundly every night without getting kicked or waking up sore.  My back is thankful.  Bless the poor saps that are sleeping on my old mattress.

 Getting stung by a bee was NOT the highlight of Joshua's week.  His hand swelled up like a cartoon hand (the picture does not do it justice) and took six solid days to return mostly to normal.  On the sixth day, he got the stomach flu, but still pitched two innings and was the star of the show...but only because his team is really, really, terrifically, horribly, insanely bad.

Kayde really liked dinner one night....I am surprised that she is in her chair.  Usually by the time we've finished prayers, she is located in the center of the table, eating whatever she can reach with her hands or her feet.
Just one more of Sam...I couldn't resist.

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Linds said...

Love the new bed! I want a king size bed too!