Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Summer at a Glance, Part II

 Summer-at-a-Glance continues with Willie winning 3rd place in the Rain Gutter Regatta!
 Luke's phone contains a number of pictures of the kids sitting in trees and smiling...at least, Sam is smiling...look at Reillee's face!  I think this particular picture came from the Little League farewell...our only documentation of this year's involvement in LL.
 From our trip to Boise...we stopped at a restaurant called "Roosters."
 Luke's phone also contains a number of pictures of the kids asleep in funny positions. 
 Luke, Aaron, and all the boys went shooting in Boise while the women folk cooked.  Ain't that cliché?

 Kayde wanted to get every. last. drop. of that root beer!

 She also wanted every. last. drop. of that ice cream.  She was pretty mad when it was gone, but she had plenty left on her face!
 One last picture on the porch in Bothell!

 This summer we also had a family reunion at the Love Shack on Hood Canal.  Glad we took lots of photos.  Oh well, the kids loved the beach, getting in trouble for having too much fun, the "jumpoline", the party potties, and spending time with their cousins.
 It's always awesome when your daughter walks inside and says, "Joshua is on the roof.  Can I get up there, too?"
 Got the whole house in the picture this time!

 Ah, on our "vacation" basically all we did was drive, make a spectacle of ourselves at restaurants, and swim in hotel pools.  It was pretty sweet!

 Reillee sleeping in her closet on our last night in the house.

 Kids in front of the massive moving truck!
 Kayde lovin' the road trip!

 More pool pictures!
 Reillee, happy to finally be at the new house, have her "fishy room", and pull out her princess gear.
 Our first picture in front of the new house in Concord!
 Whoops, not sure what happened to Joshua, but at least we're all in this one.  (Getting Reillee to look at a camera is almost impossible!)
 Yes, dad, that is Will Clark.  On our first day here, Luke got to not only meet, but sit and lunch with him at the ballpark.  Tough life.  I was at home unpacking the kitchen, in case anyone was wondering.
 Pre-first day of school fashion show!  We had tiny photographers, so some of the pictures are blurry. :)

 Okay, these pictures crack me up.  Benjamin was trying to make the same face as on his t-shirt.  Pretty good, eh?

That's it for the Summer-at-a-Glance series.  Stay tuned for "Fourth Grade can Really Kill You but there's a Cute Girl in my Primary Class so the World is Still Rosy" and "PE Uniforms, How often Should you Wash It?" coming soon.

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