Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Lost" Vegas

We took advantage of Luke's work travel last week and tagged along with him to Vegas!  As we made a spectacle of ourselves on the strip, I kept wondering if somewhere out on the internet there is a new hashtag that reads #whotakessixkidstovegas or #theyletheroutagain. Anyway, here are a smattering of no particular order, and a list of everyone's favorites.

Willie:  Staying in the pyramid for a couple days and finally getting to go swimming.
EmJ:  The M & M store.
Me:  Seeing Carly in St. George, seeing Alyse at the dirty Flamingo, and meeting Pete Rose! Also visiting both the St. George and Las Vegas temples and attending the best church meeting I have ever attended.  Oh, and having Luke call me during the FUN concert so I could listen in...and then bringing me about fifty chocolate covered twinkles from said concert!  Some serious vacation diet detox going on this week!
Sam:  Swimming in the pools and pooping my pants!  And playing with Cami and eating at McDonalds and touching a cactus and watching SpongeBob and riding the tram and the fountains and doing my homework!
Luke:  Driving in the car for 16 hours with the kids.
Gus:  The chocolate factory.
Reillee:  Eating all the cotton candy and going to the M & M store.
Kayde:  Eating Halloween candy and french fries and never sleeping.  And going topless at the Circus, Circus!

And the absolute highlight of the trip:  the drunk lady that gave Sam $20 to "buy ice cream for your cute family!"  Like I said, there is definitely a hashtag out there with a photo of our craziness attached!

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The Huskinson's said...

I loved seeing you and the kids! I realized we should have taken a picture to record the spectacle we must've been walking through the casino. #polygamistsonthestrip