Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas began with a chicken.  Poor Kayde clucked and chased this chicken all over the Christmas tree no avail.  It was hilarious to watch, though!
In the end we picked out the perfect (read: cheapest) tree.
And decorated it beautifully.
Then we turned our attention to the Nutcracker.  First we went to a local and free rendition of the Nutcracker.  I must be a ballet snob because, let me tell you, it was worth every penny.  Oy, it was bad.  Then a few days later we got to watch Sam dance in the "Nutcracker in a Day"...which was adorable!  I will try and post a video soon.
Out next Christmas extravaganza was the IBM party.  Yes, Gus wore that hat the whole time.  In fact, he's been wearing it for two solid weeks.  He even threw a tantrum at church when I asked him to take it off before the meeting started.  (Hi, my name is Kirstin and my seven year old still throws tantrums.)
But I digress.  The party was a blast...cookies, crafts, balloon animals, face painting, caricatures, and of course, SANTA!!! 
Notice, Reillee asked for a pink candy cane.
Too funny.  I told Reillee to smile and sit still for the caricature.  She didn't move a muscle and the artist turned her fake smile grimace into a work of art!

The party was in San Jose, so we took a drive down memory lane (literally).  It was so fun to go back there to where we have so many good memories...
Finally, our picture with Santa.  I love how this turned out!

Up next: accompanying the choir, a neighborhood Christmas party hosted by yours truly, and lots and lots of hot cocoa!!

Merry Christmas!

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Angela said...

I love your Santa picture. How did they get everyone to look at the camera? I need some tips...