Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Dime Store Christmas!!

 Annual Neighborhood Christmas Party
 We didn't do ugly sweaters this year, but Luke still wore a Christmas tie!
 Benjamin guarded the tree for a couple of nights before Christmas.
 It was so hard to wait for Christmas Eve, so Sam's face shows how we all felt when it was FINALLY time to open presents. :)
 Christmas jammies...hand-me-downs for Kaylyn. 
 Show me the money!!  I was so proud of Luke's PJ pants.
 Then we set out cookies for Santa and reindeer food for the reindeer.

 We hardly slept a wink and then enjoyed the worst cinnamon rolls ever for Christmas breakfast....seriously, yuck...usually we bring a pan of cinnamon rolls to someone on Christmas morning, but this year we were forced to break with tradition because they were so bad.

 I had to take a picture before we let the kids in!

 We took mostly videos this I don't have many photos, but here are some favorites.  Kaylyn loved her new bed (until it was time to go to sleep...).
 Reillee got new ballet shoes.
 Benjamin painted this picture for is an amazing watercolor that we will frame soon.  Benjamin also made gifts for the rest of the paper birds and baseballs and footballs, etc.   He is so thoughtful!

EmJ made me a Yankee apron.  It's awesome, but I had to delete the picture because I didn't want to scare anyone away with my face!

 EmJ loved her scarf (from Sam) and her zebra footies.

 Cheeseballs were a hit!  Seriously, highlight of the morning for Sam.
And the homeschoolers loved their new lockers and desks. Looking at them as I'm typing this, though, they are deserted and messy.  Benjamin is reading behind the couch and EmJ is in her room pretending to work, but actually listening to Harry Potter....again.

Merry Christmas!!  We are happy to welcome 2014 and excited to see what the year brings!

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Debbie said...

Loving this post. Not enough pictures, although the one with Josh picking his nose is priceless.