Friday, February 07, 2014

It's great to be Eight!

Benjamin had probably the best eighth birthday known to man. Seriously, he is a lucky kid!  His birthday started on Wednesday with the arrival of puppy grandma...he got to stay the night with her and granny b and then go on a date. He purchased his very own scriptures...oh, I love brand new scriptures...and arrived home just in time for a 
SUPRISE!! (A minute ago there was a picture right here to go with the surprise. I don't know where it went, so let's just use our imagination, shall we?) (And while we are imagining, imagine that this post is coherent and free if typos...I am posting from my phone while laying on bed agonizing over a stubbed toe.  I am grouchy and my foot is black and blue and I am not going to put the effort in that this post deserves.) (maybe I will fix it later.) (not likely.)

Back to the surprise!  The kids' cousin Henry came with Luke's parents.  You can tell by Sam's face In this picture, just how excited everybody was to see grandparents and cousins!

Benjamin was baptized on Saturday, February 1st.  He was dapper in his new suit and so mature and ready for his big day.  Luke and I were so impressed with the thought he put into preparing the program and inviting the neighbors and everything else.  It was a great day!

On Sunday we finally had birthday cake...because the Red Robin bottomless root beer float and ice cream wasn't enough?!
Then on Monday we explored Mt. Diablo' rock city (so cool) and convinced grandma and grandpa to take the kids to chuck e cheese for just one more birthday celebration!   

Let the detox begin! 

(Not really, because it is birthday season.)

(I hope you enjoyed this post despite all the typos!)

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I love the family photo!!