Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness

Before I get around to sharing a ton of pictures, let me relate a little classic Sam story that happened today.  

Her primary teacher was talking about helping others, setting a good example, etc.  She asked the kids to role play some simple scenarios.  Sam's involved a boy being stuck in a tree.  Allegedly, the conversation went like this...

Boy:  Help!  I am stuck in this tall tree and I can't get down!
Teacher:  Sam, what would you do if you saw this boy?
Sam:  I would climb the tree and help him get all the way to the top!

I had to explain to her teacher that if she expects a certain answer, she should probably not ask Sam!  For Sam will be completely real and honest...I mean, who cares about helping the wimp get out of the tree, when it would be even more fun to get to the very top!!

And now, some happenings from March...
Sam started gymnastics (finally!!). On her first day in the class, she won a strength contest.  With a huge grin on her face the entire time.
Kaylyn has spent the month reading.  I can't get this girl away from her books.  Not that I want to!  She is also talking a lot more, though we can't understand a word.
Reillee also started gymnastics.  A surprise to me, she actually loves it.
Baseball season is underway.  Joshua is on the Giants, and there is some actual, real talent in this team.  It should be a fun year!
Benjamin has been playing soccer...enjoying a footskills clinic.  I have a hard time taking "lawn fairies" seriously, but Benjamin loves it.  He also won second place in a fundraiser for Tae Kwon Do...selling cookies of his own accord.
Another baseball picture...of what could turn out to be the three team MVPs...not that I am biased or anything. :)
Um, this does not even need an explanation. 
EmJ had her birthday party last night.  She planned and prepped all on her own (love!) and had a great time with the friends that she has made down here.
Teeny origami elephant, made from money.  
They watched Frozen...shocker!
Sam's 6th bday was back in February, but let's not forget to showcase her celebration!  Unicorn ice cream was a must!
Cute new dress from Grandma!
And a bike!!
About the time Sam's bday rolled around, I realized that I never threw Benjamin a real party...and since I only do parties at 5, 8, and 12...
We quickly called a couple of friends and had an after school shindig involving pizza rolls, ninja turtle cupcakes, and boatloads of silly string!!

So now, since we haven't been busy enough, we are going to head into a crazy few weeks of birthdays (Reillee, EmJ, me), road trips (taking the YW to General Conference), family visits (woohoo), spring break, baseball games, dance festival, and our anniversary.  Crazy! Oh, and the pool opens next week, so you know where to find us. :)

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