Sunday, March 23, 2014


Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it was wonderful!  Highlighted by a visit from my parents, we ate and talked and laughed and picked grapefruit and watched movies and ate some more!  Here are some photos of the thankful no order at all...
Thanksgiving centerpieces, made by the kids. :)
Benjamin also contributed a turkey to the decor.
EmJ finished her swimming class just before Thanksgiving...brrrrrr!  And look, I think she has some muscles now!
Over Thanksgiving, the kids met their cousin, Sam.  He and Kayde got along fabulously.
Kayde also picked her nose a lot.  This picture just cracks me up!
Jace gave Willie his Yankee hat.  Willie prizes it now.
Willie also decided this month that he wanted to learn to cook.  He can chop onions, make cereal, cookies, and bread.  No, really.  Thanks to my early Christmas gift (a Kiychen-Aid!), he has become quite the little kitchen helper.
Willie made sure that Gus looked his best for my parents' arrival.
We also finished the curtains just in time! By we, I mean Emmeline.  Exactly what do I do around here?
Sam had a Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving feast at school.  So cute!
And we shined the house up for Grandma's arrival...including getting rid of the least for the week.  Yuck!

It was a wonderful holiday!

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