Monday, October 06, 2014

I Did It My Way

Why, yes!  Yes I did!  Luke and I flew to New York to see Derek Jeter play his very last game at Yankee Stadium.  I got to go I the new stadium, I bought a knockoff tshirt and a hot dog from a street vendor, I saw the plays, the hits, and the walk-off.  I got beer spilled on me during the celebration, and I saw him cry...and I cried, too....blame it on the pregnancy.
The view from our extreme upper deck, give you vertigo seats.
Everything #2 became significant that night.  (That doesn't sound exactly right, does it?!)
We stuck the comfy seats this time, for the press conference.  My favorite part, "I may not be the best in the game, but there is no one who can say he worked harder than me day in and day out for 20 years."  Truly, I will be telling my grandkids about how I got to see Jeter play.
We stayed in Jersey with Juliet, and it was so fun to catch up with her again!, but after the Yankee game we drove up to Boston like a bunch of groupies.  We went to the temple and then headed up to Lawrence to visit Luke's mission.  By this point I was pretty swollen and uncomfortable, so I was a rotten traveling companion, but I think Luke had a good time reminiscing.
His home in Lawrence.
Finally, we got to Boston proper...I wanted to walk the 50 miles of trails around Boston Harbor, but due to time constraints I only got to snap a picture.  Boston warrants it's own vacation.
We found some relatively cheap parking and gave ourselves 90 minutes to walk around Fenway....the atmosphere around that park is amazing.  We ended up finding a pair of tickets for the sold out game and saying a prayer that our car wouldn't get towed.  
So cool!
We were closer to the field than this picture makes it seem.  I decided I love Fenway, and the crowd was kind to Jeter and even boo'ed when they took him out of the game.  I am sure it helped that Boston was up by about 10 runs!

We spent one last night in Connecticut, and were able to attend church and see a primary program.  I am sad we missed our kids' program, but it was cute nonetheless.  (It was also interesting seeing the east coast in comparison to the memorized their parts and those that didn't could actually read!...shocking!) After church we flew to Salt Lake and got to see Lindsey and Co during our insane layover and then finally home, exhausted but happy, to our own little flock.  I think Luke's parents were pretty wiped out from dealing with our crew for five days, but the kids had a great time and we are so grateful to them!!

Farewell Captain!!

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Linds said...

One of my favorite summers was when I was dancing at Boston Ballet and we stayed in the Boston College dorms two blocks from Fenway...At night I would leave my window open and listen to the games. Love Boston...I love New York and Jeter too...I wish I could have gone with you!