Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Reillee:  But HOW does the baby get out?!  But HHHOOOOOWWWW???!!!

Sam:  Oh yeah, let's watch that movie!  Wait, do I even know what I am talking about?

Willie:  I got in trouble for doing long division today.  My teacher says I have to do it the new way, but that's not fair cause she even has to use a book to figure it out!
(Common core...yay!!)

Me:  Does your teacher call you Sam or Samantha?
The Boss:  He calls me "Yes, Ma'am!"

Reillee to Grandma:  You should learn how to be a mom.  My mom can teach you.

Sam said something that came out terribly wrong and funny and EmJ and I started cracking Sam started laughing, too, then stopped and said, "Wait, you are laughing WITH me, right?!"

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