Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Major Accomplishments

Matthew is one week old, but instead of cataloging his milestones this week I thought I would catalog mine.

So, this week I...

Locked the kids and Luke out of my room. (In my defense, I thought Luke knew where the key was hidden.)

Took nine naps.

Didn't yell at Reillee when she came to tell me there was a monster in her room RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of what could have been a FOUR HOUR sleep stretch.

Avoided a tongue lashing by playing the baby card to guilt an angry mother bear into passivity.

Read a book.

Kept up the laundry and the dishes.  

Didn't chide Luke for not noticing the...you know...I am not even going to list everything.  It makes my tired ache.  He was stellar, however, at jumping up whenever I sent the kids away from me with an overloud, "Go ask your father!  That's why he is here!"

Showered.  Twice.

Renewed the library books.

Resisted the urge to roll my eyes when Luke got home from playing taxi driver and wanted to know why dinner wasn't on the table.  Same goes for when he got home from Costco and wondered "where the day had gone?"

Ah, I love these couple of weeks where I can be completely tuned out!  I know there are consequences, but for now I will just revel in my daily naps.

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