Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jean Luc

We are soooooo happy to announce the arrival of our little "Lucky Seven", born on the ever fitting lucky 13th of October, at 1:47.

I received a call that the hospital had an empty room, or 12, on Monday morning.  (My doctor had already put me on the induction schedule fearing 1. Luke's travel schedule 2. The size of the baby and 3. The position of the baby.  While I feared being induced, and was praying that I would just go into labor on my own, Luke gave me a blessing that reassured both of us and I ended up jumping, literally, at the opportunity to go to the hospital Monday morning.

We got the kids off to school, arranged babysitting for the day, and arrived at the hospital around 7:45.  After the oodles of logistics, they finally started the pit drip at 9:30...I was already dilated 3 cm.  At 12:30 I was still as comfortable as anything, but starting to think this whole induction thing was going to take FOREVER.  The doctor came in and agreed to break my water to see if it would speed things up.  I was dilated to a 4 at 12:30, and the baby came at 1:47, so I would say that my theory was correct!

Can I just say that having my water break was the biggest relief ever?!  For the last few weeks, I have felt the worst sensation of being Thanksgiving dinner and and an entire pie full, but without  any relief or remedy.  I have eaten very little because I already felt "full", and that only contributed to pregnancy weakness, lethargy, grumpiness, etc.  Misery, I tell ya!  But when my water broke, and for the next half hour, I paced my hospital room simply ecstatic that the feeling of baby-tearing-right-thru-my-stomach was gone!

Also, thank heaven for wireless monitors that allowed me to pace that hospital room.  I didn't actually get into the bed until about 1:30.

Backtracking...At about 1:00 my contractions began in earnest, coming one on top of the other until I asked the nurse to please check my progress.  I thought about how, if I was home, this is when I would head to the hospital (Holy blessing....I wouldn't have gotten to the hospital in time at all!).   I also thought that if I was still dilating at a rate of 1 cm/3 hours, then it was time for an epidural.  I can't say I was that shocked though, when she checked me and said, "Let me get the doctor. Try not to push." Yeah right!

The doctor got there just in time to grab some gloves and catch.  Our little BOY was born healthy, huge, and screaming.  He weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces, 20 inches long, and has blonde hair and blue eyes (for now).  He looks like Joshua and Reillee did as babies, and is simply perfect!

One more little experience to relate.  In between my last two contractions, when I was, shall I say wishing for death, I had an absolute reprieve.  It was probably only 30 seconds, but it was just what I needed, while the doctor and nurse were rushing around getting things ready, to regroup and gather the wherewithal to make it through the last minute.  For those precious seconds the pain was gone and I was so was something that I didn't experience with Reillee or Benjamin, and it was a small miracle that I will be forever grateful for.

In the next day or two, we will give our little guy a name.  For now,we are just happy to finally have him here.


Mom said...

He is so precious, Kirstin. Love, love, love him.

Elizabeth Leal said...

So sweet! Seems like a breeze!!