Thursday, January 08, 2015


 I asked the kids to tell me their favorite part of Christmas break, but I can't remember for the life of me what they said!  Of course.  So we will just tell it in quickly captioned photos...and we will tell it again when I download photos from Luke's phone...and again when Lindsey sends all the beautiful pictures that she took!
Anyway, we started the break with our annual neighborhood Christmas party.  I had EmJ pose with the cute marshmallow hot chocolate mugs that she made.  So cute!
 While the family was here we went to the beach (Yes, the kids swam in the ocean in December!).  And they were sufficiently tired out, too.  Win.
 I have to admit that my favorite part was spending time with my sisters.  (We love you, too, Zack...but I think you were sleeping in when we took this picture!)
 We ate our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Denny's, an American institution.
 Too big, too small.  Haha!
 The kids in their matching Christmas jammies.
 I just found this picture when I was cleaning off my phone.  Love.  Matthew's favorite gift.
 Sam's highlight was getting her ears pierced, I think.
 Reillee is all about the cash.
 Que Bueno!  Happy New Year!
 Not quite sure about the bumbo.  And getting too big too fast.

 Highlighter man.
 Leg warmers!
 I have been anxiously waiting for this shirt to fit!
 And, finally, I had to document EmJ...on the ice...without holding on to anything.  :)

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