Thursday, January 08, 2015

Waterfall Hike

 We headed out on a freezing, muddy day to attempt what was supposed to be a beautiful hike to a waterfall on Mount Diablo.
 Shockingly, nobody complained...but that's probably because we left Reillee and EmJ home, just sayin'.

 We brought some neighbors along with us...or maybe they planned the whole escapade in the first place, but I'm not blaming anybody...anyway, it was good we brought them because Jan kept the kids busy doing endurance exercises that he gleaned from his time as a Navy SEAL (or from watching p.o.w. movies...either way, Sam enjoyed the torture and Joshua enjoyed the competition and Benjamin enjoyed extorting Jan out of at least $5).
 Also, we stopped to smell the roses a couple of times.  Sam did not get wet, but she was sorely tempted.
And in the end, the freezing, muddy day found us no waterfall, but left us both freezing and muddy.
So, we took our gross selves and our gross children to a restaurant where they appreciated the grossness and ate ourselves silly.
It was a fantastic day!

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