Sunday, November 22, 2015

AP Seminary

Each of Luke's seminary classes has had its own unique personality and has created its own unique traditions...

From Bigger and Better hunts and toilets in our yard,

To being toilet papered and "forked",

To helping with the toilet papering and forking,

To Karate Kid marathons,

To karaoke,

And finally, AP Seminary.  This year's class can't get enough, so we welcome them at 6 am every Saturday morning, cook breakfast, and usually dance and sing around the house.  

I don't love giving up my Saturday morning runs, but I can't deny that I do love having them in our home.  And I love that my kids all think they are part of the class (which entitles them to extra syrup and whipped cream on their French toast, right)?!

Three cheers for AP Seminary!

(And three cheers for Thanksgiving break and sleeping in just a smidge!)

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