Sunday, November 15, 2015

Catch up on the kids...

Willie's sad face.  His bike recently got stolen.  Luke and I were secretly happy for the excuse to get a new one because the bike was pretty pathetic, and the frame was bent from last summer's hit and run. (Bruised chin and bruised ego only...but pretty unbelievable nonetheless that someone dared hit a kid, however minor, and drive away!)
Reille had a special friend at school.  His name is Harry, and they blush and show off and pretty much crack me up!
Kayde and Matthew love to read, like seriously can't get enough.  Even though she doesn't speak well, she remembers every word of every book it song she hears.  I love to hear her reading and singing to Matthew and to her dolls. :)

AP seminary...because what else would I be doing on Saturday morning at 6 am?!?  I am not sure the neighbors like the new family with all the kids that sings karaoke early in the morning.  

Reillee and Sam are both on the pre-team at our gym.  This is a picture of a picture, but I just had to do it because Sam is so cute!  And string...I love her little biceps especially. :)

Last one for now...Matthew wishing that he was allowed to play basketball with the YW.  He is 13 months now and reminds me in so many ways of, just looking at him makes me tired.  It doesn't help that he can run and climb and pretty much try to keep up with everyone.  

Also, can I just shoutout EmJ, the basketball star?  The girl with no athletic ability has been tearing it up for Concird 2 ward. And by tearing it up, I mean that she scored 4 out of the 8 points we scored and had 2 of the 4 steals.  As you can tell our team is really, really good.

I'm taking bets on just how long the blogging will up are some quotable a from the last, erm, year!

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