Sunday, November 15, 2015

Catching Up

I have been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about simplifying, how to do so, how to rid myself of the crazies that seem to house themselves in my brain.  I thought the answer would be to let something go...have the girls quit gymnastics? Send the homeschoolers back to school?  Pull the little kids out of public school?  Cut off PTA, friends, community involvement? Tell EmJ that if she wants to continue spending hours at the ranch, she's gonna have to take BART?  Petition the Lord for a simpler calling?  

Ironically enough, the answer, for now, came in adding things to my list, not taking anything away.  

Update the blog.  You enjoy writing, laughing about your day.  It is a record of this time. (And thanks, Debbie!)

Read.  Find quiet time to escape, learn, set a good example for the kids.  And read to the kids more.

Play outside.  Matthew isn't going to master that slide without someone to push him down a few times!

So, in the last few days I read a book.  A whole one.  And I let chores go undone (WHAT?) so I could play outside.  I read Reillee a Roald Dahl book because childhood isn't complete without the Twits and the Witches and the BFG!  And I treated myself to a long run and, later in the same day, a long hike.

Wait?  Running wasn't in your list!  Or hiking!

Yeah, I guess I should have stuck to the inspiration I received.  My foot is killing me.  So now I have some down time to blog a bit...

Maybe I will write all about our summer!

Or moving and our super classy landlords!

Or our vacation!

Hopefully everything.  


Debbie said...

I am happy to be your motivation if I get to read about your family. Tell us about moving..What is that about?

Alivia Burnham said...

Im excited about bringing the blog back--I hope you do, I love your writing. You're my favorite blogger! Also, I read your post about simplifying and thought "Here I am complaining about this tedious no good homework assignment and Kirstin is literally balancing the world on her shoulders with a smile." How do you do it sister? I admire you.