Friday, October 14, 2016

Matthew James is 2!!

Poor Lucky Seven hasn't had his baby book updated, um, ever.  And he doesn't get frequent quotables posted on the blog.  And he never gets to do anything except wander around the house while I teach algebra to Joshua or ride for hours in the car while I drop off his siblings very which place.

So, Matthew, here is a birthday post just for you.  I'm going to interview you while you stand there pulling everything out of the cupboard and your responses will be recorded for all posterity.

What is your favorite thing?

Um, bean!  Um, this book.

What book is that?


But who is it about?



Uh-huh!  Bat!  Man!

How old are you?

Um, two.

What did you do yesterday?

Car!  Vroom, vroom!

Did we go on the BART?

Yeah!  Again!  Again!  *crying now* Again?

You want to go again?

Yeah! Vroom, vroom!

What is on your shirt?


What color is it?

Um, here.

Yeah, but what color is it?

Um, green!

No it's red.


Who is your favorite person?

Bean!  Reillee! (That's Benjamin and Reillee)

What is your favorite thing?

Bean.  Night-night.  (Bean is also binky.)

Are you ready for bed right now?

No, play now.

What are you going to play?


And there you have it.  Happy Birthday, Matthew!  You are smart and independent and always ready to fight for what's yours....including those chicken nuggets that you stole from a stranger at the park and shoved in your mouth before she could stop you.  Well done!

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