Monday, January 23, 2006

Love Home Movies!!

Yesterday, Luke made me stay home from church and sleep. So, while he was gone (besides napping for 2 hours) I pulled out the video camera. Some of the buttons are broken, so we haven't used it in a while, but I learned that it still works fine as long as you use the remote. Yay! So, last night we watched a bunch of home movies...trying to find the end of all our tapes and get the camera ready for when the new baby comes.

It was so funny to see EmJ at the age that Willie is now. Although they sound the same, EmJ spoke so much better and of course was bigger. They even kind of look alike....which they didn't at all as babies. The best was the video of EmJ licking the bannister all the way down the stairs on Christmas morning. We also couldn't believe how "calm" EmJ is/was compared to Willie. I'm sure that if we compared Christmas morning footage we'd see Willie getting mad because it's not his turn to open gifts, and EmJ patiently helping everyone. It was so cute!

So as to not leave out the most important part....we also watched the whole half hour that Luke videotaped of the Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coaster at Cedar Point. He had a good laugh at himself.

So now the cameras are cued and the bag is packed and we're ready whenever this baby decides to make an appearance. Any name ideas? That's our biggest problem right now!

Well, I'd better go. Willie is mad because he spilled like one little droplet of milk and absolutely cannot finish eating until I clean it up! Yesterday he got mad at Luke for putting his cars away in the wrong order (yes, he lines them up)! What a character.

Go Seahawks!

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Anonymous said...

"Lack of character is a process of giving up and giving up and giving up and hoping and hoping and hoping that perhaps at some point the wolf will have had enough."
-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn