Thursday, June 05, 2008

Almost completed projects...

Ta da! I've been uber busy these last couple of weeks...but I've been enjoying every minute of it! Here's our new red living room...there's supposed to be a beautiful white mantle and some enjoyable family pictures, so use your imagination!

Our freshly painted master bedroom. More to come on this one!

The girls' room. I finished painting EmJ's bed a while ago (but have yet to set up the top bunk) and last week I made a white slipcover to go over the crib (play pen). It's beautiful, but I couldn't do a close up because I still have to add the dust ruffle! Their room looks so pretty now, and I love that everything is *matchy-matchy*!

Also in the last couple of weeks, I planted a garden. Huge thanks to my dad for doing ALL the hard stuff. I just did the actual planting. We've got strawberries, blueberries, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, green bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Yum! I hope at the end of the summer I can show you a picture of a full, beautiful garden.

We did Emmeline's first research project last week. I know more than I ever wanted to about whale sharks (that's "hooo-whaaaaale shark")! Carly's laughing right now! Emmeline is doing her "Me Museum" this week, and then next week is her last of Kindergarten. I got all teary-eyed yesterday when they sent home the supply list for 1st grade!

Benjamin says, "Come find me, daddy!" His language and communication skills are keeping us in stitches lately. The other day, Emmeline was complaining about something and Benjamin ran up to me and gave me a hug saying, "I not an-gie, Mom. I not so an-gie!" Another time, I thanked him for something and he said, "I 'ppeciate it!" He's hilarious.

Joshua and Sam wanted their picture taken.

That, my friends is a real live strawberry from my very own garden!

And that's it! Now that I'm done with the painting, almost done with the sewing, and waiting on $$$ for the beautiful new mantle, I think I'm going to spend my summer catching up on the scrapbooks. My fingers are itching to stamp...if they're not too dirty from weeding that garden!


Sara said...

The house looked great today, I didn't know it was all so newly done. EmJ's room was adorable.

Linds said...

I love the red wall! It's going to look great!

Carly and Ryan said...

I love Willie's answers!! He's so funny! :) I love all your projects! You are very crafty! You amaze me Kirs!! How you do it all with 4 kidlets... I'm watching and learning alot from you!!!! I mean your house is always spotless. I just have me and Ryan and mine is always a pit! lol You are the very bestest!!!

I'm still crackin up about GINA!! lol (Ryan thought I was totally nuts!)

Stephanie said...

I love seeing the strawberries pop up in my garden. It's so miraculous to me.