Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, he survived! I can't believe that Joshua is almost 4 1/2 and is in preschool. I remember when he was a baby, thinking I'd never sleep again. I remember when he was a toddler, thinking he'd communicate through screaming for the rest of his life. Well, last night he didn't sleep well, and he screamed almost all the way to preschool...we actually had to stop for a nervous-potty break halfway to school...serious anxiety! When I picked him up, though, he was smiling, and he talked my ear off about his day. All of a sudden he's so big!
And, I'm off to rescue Sam...the boys are mauling her...so that's it!
(Ewww, did you notice how badly my porch needs to be painted? Gross.)

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CC Girl said...

He looks so big and grown up. Where does the time go? Callum started pre-school too, and I feel even older!!