Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Loot!

I love my birthday! It's at my favorite time of year...early spring, bright days, baseball, Easter, and spring break. Maybe I chose to be born in April.
Birthday #27 was fabulous (even though I realized last night that I am officially OLDER than all but one American Idol candidate, as well as the contenders for rookie of the year, and last year's MVP...yikes). I got to have a little celebration at my mom's house on Sunday...and recieved a LABELMAKER!!! Then on Monday, I enjoyed the sunshine. Seriously, it was the first beautiful day of spring, and it was perfect timing. I sat outside all day, reading and visiting. My mother in law came to see me and brought the beautiful necklace and awesome vase...isn't that perfect for me?! Monday night, Luke took me out to dinner and on a small shopping spree. My new running shoes are beckoning me...And finally, EmJ wrote and played me a song for my birthday. It was so sweet, and, of course, Willie and Gus, copied her and improvised some songs, too.
I loved my birthday! (Except the Yankees lost.)
*And one funny thing to record before I sign out for the day...I ran to a crying Gus this morning and asked him what was wrong. He said, "I want Joshua to be dead!" heeheeheehee I'm pretty sure he meant make-believe dead, but judging by the amount of argung they have been doing lately, that's up for debate.*
*One more thing...My cute mom did a photo-story about me on her blog in celebration of my birthday. I tell you this not so you can see A. Dor. A. Ble. pictures of me as a kid, but so you can see how much Luke resembled Zack Morris when he was in high school...seriously!


Ryan and Kim said...

Happy Birthday! I love that my birthday is this time of the year too. I feel the same way about mine.

Oh, and tell Luke I think his picture is Hil-A-Rious!

Mindee said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I loved looking at the pictures of you on your mom's blog. So was you born in Provo at UVRMC?