Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Reillee at 9 Months

Reillee turned 9 months on Dec 29th...her stats: 28 inches; 18 lbs...She' a gem and we adore her! Here are a couple of videos of her working on her New Year's Resolutions--crawling and talking. She also wants to learn to walk, sleep through the night, drink from a cup, and grow some teeth.

This year is also the beginning of a new era for us, and as we try to get back into the routine of school and work, some of our children's comments over the last few days are illustrative of this new time in our lives...

Benjamin: When we get home, can I watch Macgyver in your room if Dad's not working?

Sam: He's NOT working, he's just on the computer texting!

Emmeline: Hey dad, my teacher asked if anybody's parents grew up speaking Spanish. I told her you knew Spanish and she asked if you could come into our classroom in the morning to read us a Spanish story or if you'd be at work. I told her you were looking for a job, so you'd probably be available.

Luke: Hey, Willie, where should I get a job?

Willie: Um, at McDonald's.

Luke: Why?

Willie: So I can eat there. And then you can become a policeman.

So, there you have it. Luke's going to work the graveyard tonight at McDonald's, then head over to the school to fulfil his parental duties, then spend some time aimlessly texting everybody he knows...and I will be checking on the growth of that money tree.

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Kali said...

he he I liked you conclusion at the bottom. Kids are funny! and Reillee is adorable!