Saturday, April 09, 2011

Signs that Dad has been unemployed too long...

I have already posted some of the kids' funnies regarding Luke over the past few months, but as they continue, I thought I'd get them all in one place...

Signs that Luke has been Unemployed for too Long

1. Emmeline announces to her school teacher that her Dad can come in and help the class because he's just at home looking for a job.

2. Sam reminds us that Dad is not busy, "he's just on the computer, texting."

3. Dad is excited for jury duty.

4. Mom is super-excited that Dad has jury duty.

5. Dad has been giving Mom pointers on how to be more effective around the house, including meal planning tutorials, daily laundry take-over, and best of all...lectures on not leaving the house without cleaning up breakfast just because the Pacific Science Center is having a free day!!

6. Joshua, frankly, is tired of playing catch with Dad and would like to be left alone to play catch with his friends.

7. Dad asks if Mom likes the outfits he picked out for Reillee and Sam, right down to the socks and hairbows.

8. Old guys who frequently attend the temple boldly invite Luke to join their widower club. He respectfully declines.

9. Dad bakes cookies.

10. Benjamin begins most conversations with the phrase, "Remember that time when MacGvyer..."

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Farmer Joe said...

Have Luke shoot me an email - I'd like to help in anyway I can. Networking, whatever...

Joe "Ashburn"