Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Sayin'

*Luke and I have had the "Mustache Song" stuck in our heads for far too long. "I've got a mustache as big as my car..." (If anyone out there knows what I'm talking about, leave a comment, and you can be our new best friend.)

*Speaking of the Mustache Song, I was going to write some mean things about some of the Mariners...but I'll resist and instead talk about politics...

*Does anyone else find Donald Trump's presidential bid absolutely hysterical? Seriously, watching him (and his ego) interview is probably better than whatever SNL can come up with. "Today I'm very proud of myself because I've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish....I'm very honored to have played such a big role in this issue."

*Let's get back to baseball.

*Willie hit a triple in his ball game the other day. Not a little league triple (aka: a dribbler riddled with errors and overthrows), but a legitimate triple. Bases loaded, he lined a ball down the third base line, barely fair as it hopped the bag. By the time the kids chased it down and got it in (clean throw, amazing), Joshua was ignoring the stop sign at third (just kidding, I think the third base coach was standing there snacking on Doritos) and headed for home. The catcher caught the ball just as Willie arrived, causing Willie to stop dead in his tracks. Everyone started yelling at Willlie to slide and at the catcher to tag him, but both kids just stood there staring at each other. (Classic.) Willie then nonchalantly stuck his foot out and stepped on home plate, thus avoiding the tag and scoring the winning run! (Again, not really, they don't keep score when you are 6, but we'll pretend.) It. Was. Awesome.

*I find toothpaste schmeared in the most random places!

*Benjamin can read!

*An orange crayon went through the wash. Luke is no longer in charge of the laundry.

*Willie asked me today if I knew how to write in ancient Chinese. When I responded, "No," he said, "Well, do you at least know how to write in cursive?"

*Gus's prayers regularly include some variation of the following, "Pray that we can all have a wonderful day, except Joshua."

*The Boss's prayers are equally hysterical. Instead of "Thank thee...", she begins with, "Thank we..."

*Reillee has started folding her arms for prayers. Adorable.

*EmJ's notes to me keep my properly chagrined...and usually laughing... Most recently, I got a note telling me that, "Just because I am in trouble doesn't mean you have to treat me like your servant. You always treat me like your servant." And a few weeks ago, (did I already blog this?), she wrote LUKE a note that said, "What is the password for your iPad? Love, KIRS" Hahahahahaha! We put it in her permanent file.

*Speaking of permanent storage, Donald Trump mentioned that he has a special place where he keeps all the Bibles that people send him. And he goes to church all the time, well, he makes sure to go whenever he's in town, well, he absolutely goes on Easter and Christmas. (How conveeeeeeenient!) Do you think that if he wins the presidency he will plate the White House in gold and rename it "Trump House" and then give a speech about how amazing he is? I can't wait.

*That reminds me, the Boss, playing alone in her room the other day, shouted out, "I am soooo amazing!!" Perhaps she could be on Trump's campaign staff. Or would that be too much awesomeness for his minions to handle? (Plus, it would be the ultimate betrayal to Luke. She might as well declare herself a pagan, or a Yankee fan...God, Family, Country, Baseball, Romney)

*Can we get back to baseball?

*Batting cages tonight for Willie's baseball practice. Yipee!

*Now it's time to spend some quality time with the self-proclaimed most "amazing" person in this house. She would like to dig in the mud, catch ladybugs, paint her toenails, read books, watch a movie, and drink chocolate milk. All at once. What a wonderful morning!

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