Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cause and Effect

I've been trying to teach Willie about cause and effect...with little success...but this morning we had a great "real-world" example.

Cause: The Boss refused to eat dinner last night because there were too many "meaty pieces" in her stroganoff.

Effect: The Boss ate NINE pancakes for breakfast.

I feel like we are single-handedly keeping Bisquick in business.

But more importantly, Willie is starting to get the whole cause/effect thing.

Pancake Count 08/25/11:
Willie and Reillee--5 each
Gus--6 (he didn't approve of dinner either....or the fact that he didn't get dessert)



Jaime said...

Shame on you put putting too much meat in your food, we have the opposite problem.

Our Family Adventure's said...

That sound like Rory. She hardly ever eats what I cook for dinner. The only "meat" we can get her to eat are tyson chicken nuggets. Oh by the way I have an easy quick recipe for pancakes. If you would like it just let me know through facebook and I will send it to you :)