Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back to school...back to school...

The back to school traditions began with a fashion show. Among the oodles of pictures that Luke took, this one is my favorite. See the Boss? I love it!
Then we laid out our clothes, backpacks, and an apple for the teacher. The kids also made their lunches....again, even the Boss.
Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bananas, lemon juice, sugar, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream made for some yummy back to school crepes!
Then we went to the bus stop. (I called Willie my "monochromatic friend" all day yesterday. His outfit, including his new shoes AND backpack, was entirely black, white, and gray.) EmJ was nothing but excited, Gus hadn't actually realized that he has to wait until after lunch to go to school (but no meltdown!), and Willie was, frankly, nervous. It was pretty cute to see him a little bit stressed. He kept tucking, then untucking, then tucking, then untucking his shirt, and retying his shoes, and running his hands through his hair....but as soon as he got on the bus I watched through the window as the nervousness melted away. I'm pretty sure the bus was delayed by him having to say hi to each and every one of his friends and try to choose who to sit by. My little socialite! Too bad we're going to walk to school today!
And, Reillee, just figuring out what "Say Cheese!" meant. She's adorable.
See the Boss's "backpack?" That girl TALKED MY EAR OFF all day about how she is going to school and all of the things she is going to do and all of her friends and how old they are and what color hair they have and what she is going to eat for lunch and all the things she is going to learn....Get the picture? I wish I could send her to Kindergarten with Gus. She would love it.
And, of course, our new Kindergartener....I won't post any pictures on here because there are other kids in them, but he did GREAT on his first day of school. No nervousness or hesitation at all and he came home happy. As the kinders got off the bus, they were to find their name tag, put it on, and stand in a line against the wall of the school. Gus was last, and after he picked up his name tag he moved to stand in between his cousin and good friend...but of course, there wasn't a space left for him. I watched him try to decide what to do, then mutter, "Whatever!" and walk to the end of the line. You will be shocked to know, that instead of laughing, I actually got a little teary-eyed at the encounter. It was the teary-eyed feeling of relief and accomplishment that we've made it through toddler-hood intact, with a boy ready to face, if not the world, then at least Kindergarten!

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Angela said...

Can Sam share some of her enthusiasm for school with Joshua?

So cute.