Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook Statusii that Never Got Statitized

*Thanks, Mom, for teaching Willie how to do voices when he reads, by the time our reading sessions are done, I am thoroughly annoyed.
*Benjamin had his first Tiger Mom piano lesson and there were no tears!
*We signed EmJ up for basketball. I hope she doesn't stub her toe at the first practice and miss the entire season.
*Picking blackberries is dangerous business, but the pie was worth it!
*Very serious conversation between Sam and Gus today.
Sam: You know, I AM going to be a princess when I grow up.
Gus: Well, if you want to be a princess you have to not pick your nose and you have to let your hair grow long like EmJ's.
*I took Reillee to story time today. She looked around scowling at the other kids whenever they started to sing, dance, or do any fingerplays. "What is wrong with all of you? Can you see how ridiculous you look!"
*I killed a spider today, then shuddered and said, "I hate spiders!" The Boss shuddered and said, "I hate mean people!"
*A stranger gave me $40 in Kohl's cash and Sam won a drawing for a family zoo pass...we should enter more contests!
*Luke turned 35 the other day. Sam wrapped up a doll and gave it to him, saying, "Here's your present. You have to buy it." How much?, Luke asks. "20 butts." Sam was so matter of fact about the terms of her "gift", that she was mad that we were all laughing at her.
*I love Wild Waves. No really, I do.
*Reillee loves watching "oo-vies" because of the MGM lion. She watches only that part, over and over, yelling as he roars, "Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Whoa!"


Donna said...

I hate mean people. Love it!

Rachel said...

your kids seriously crack me up. I'm still laughing over EmJ's comment about being a tomboy and dissecting a ladybug.

Anonymous said...

Voices are fun and make it very interesting! Bah humbug will be next, right?

Your post is absolutely hysterical by the way.