Saturday, September 24, 2011


Our garden this year was more pathetic than you can even imagine, however, this past week I've been canning the bounty of others' harvests.

40 jars of peaches, pears, and blackberry jam later...I am finally done. And I am proud of the fact that I canned peaches and pears all by myself for the first time. I only broke one jar, I hate peeling pears, and my back hurts. But I am looking forward to canning applesauce next month.

The real reason for this post, though, is to share an Emmeline quote. She's all old and big and doesn't usually say as many cute things as the Boss, so she doesn't get much face time on the blog, but here's one that is definitely publish worthy.

In response to how much fun she had at our back to school ice cream social,

"Grown-ups just don't know how to live!"

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