Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Things that Concern Me....

*Sam in the bathroom singing, "I have 8 sisters and 7 brooooooootthhhersssss..." I have no words.

*Benjamin in his room singing, "....chicka bow wow....chicka bow wow....chicka bow wow...." I blame public school.

*Joshua coming home from school and insisting that he, "got 100 percent on my spelling test. I only missed one letter--in the word naughty--but I still really, really got 100 percent." Man, someone really needs to do something about these public schools.

*Reillee's newfound love of dinosaurs. Really, dinosaurs? "Roarrrr, roarrrrr, eat, eat, eat..."

*Emmeline's ears that were pierced six months ago and still don't seem healed. She's perservering though.

*The dry soup mix from the cannery. We had to have second dinner tonight.

*Some of Luke's colored shirt/tie combinations. Don't tell him, he thinks he looks great....and the seminary kids don't know him well enough yet to make fun of him. I'll give them a few more weeks, then I'm going to have to stage an intervention.

*My missing camera. Thus preventing me from uploading pictures and videos from the last month and from taking video of all of Reillee's "tricks" now that she is 18 months. "Roarrrr, roarrrr, eat, eat, eat...."


Linds said...

Amelia's new thing is karate. She runs around saying hi-ya, punching the air, and kicking walls. I just know she's going to give Coleson a black eye sooner or later!

Rachel said...

I love the things your kids say. I seriously crack up every time I read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that should concern you: A-Rod.