Thursday, October 13, 2011

Take her to the zoo, Rock!

Guess what? I found my camera. Unfortunately, the pictures on it were pretty boring. BUT, we went to the zoo (thank you to the Boss and her amazing luck) and filled it up with more boring, yet memorable pictures.
How often do you get a sunny beautiful day in October with which to enjoy the zoo? We, of course, had to take a picture by the elephants (Wilson!). Not only is Gus entranced with elephants, but Reillee thinks they are awesome. For some reason, she has decided that an elephant doesn't make a noise, but stomps. When I say, what does an elephant say, she says, "Tom...tom...tom..." while patting her knees.
Found this on the camera. Methinks the kids had a photo shoot while waiting for me at the temple one night.
And I do remember taking this....EmJ's sequined shirt, now renamed the disco-blouse. Thanks, Grandma!!
Oh, and this one. A hearty "Welcome back to Seminary!" for Luke. Don't worry, they left cookies. And as you can see, our yard is not very toilet paper conducive....which is probably why they got the backyard, too.

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