Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mouths of Babes -- October 2012

Gus:  I am so excited for General Conference that I'm shivering!

Sam singing in the bathroom:  My mommy and my daddy are the best.  But daddy is a little more.  The.  BEST!!!

Reillee:  Mom.  You are just sitting there...
(Yeah, maybe I zoned out a little...)

Me:  Oh, you guys smell like hot dogs!
Sam:  Yeah, we've been eating lots of those junk chips.
(Thanks, Dad, for the hot dog flavored potato chips.)

The boys playing Brain Quest...
Willie:  Which letter needs to be capitalized in this phrase: made in Japan...
Gus:  6
Willie:  That's a number, not a letter.
Gus:  Oh!....Z

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