Sunday, November 18, 2012


 I quickly wanted to note that we did, in fact, go out for Halloween.  Reille, as you can see, reflects my own Halloween feelings!  She (and I) actually had a good time when she (I) realized that she could get candy at every single house (and it was a remarkably warm-for-October 31st evening)!  Reillee is crying in this picture because we kept calling her "Piglet" instead of "Princess".  She insisted and insisted and insisted that she was dressed up as a pink princess.  Got it?
 Kaylyn...a bee.  (I could have just pulled Sam's picture from four years ago in the same costume...with the exception of those blue, blue eyes.)
 EmJ...dressed as her Grandpa.  He's not really that awkwardly fat, but the clothing choice is right on! old man.  His costume was my favorite!
 Hugely original ninja costume.  Not a single person in his class dressed as a ninja.  Nope, not one, solitary eight year old boy.  None.  
(Actually, I am just thankful that he ninja 2.0 was more ninja than terrorist.  Last year's ninja was horrid!)
 The Boss....a ladybug.
The whole crew.  I LOVE Reillee's face in this picture.  "Just smile one time, please, just one picture.  Really fast.  Then we can go get candy."

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