Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Essence of our Thanksgiving Road Trip

Gus:  Are we going on that fuzzy mountain or that snowy one?
EmJ:  Are these the rocky mountains...
Me:  No
EmJ:  ...or the Cascades?
Gus:  These aren't rocky mountains, they are fuzzy.
Reillee:  Fuzzy Mountains!
Willie:  Penguins!
Gus:  I think I see the penguins!
Willie:  Yeah, the bloack dots are penguins.
Sam:  Snowy Mountains!
EmJ:  Penguins don't live in Washington.
Gus:  Yes, they do.
EmJ:  Mom, do penguins live in Washington?
Luke:  Yes.
Gus:  See, I told you!  Liar!
(arguement ensues in which emJ agrees to pay Gus 10 cents for every penguin we encounter on the trip)
Willie:  I see a bear cave!
Gus:  This looks like the arm tick!
Me:  What?!....oh, the Arctic.
Reillee:  I see Christmas trees.

...and so it went....for 28 hours...

Everybody survived, nobody threw up, and nobody got kicked out of the car, though many were threatened.

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