Friday, November 30, 2012

Mouths of Babes -- November 2012

Me:  *listening to talk radio*
Reillee:  Mom, turn that down!  It has me scared!

Reillee:  Mom, put some Ranch in this cup so I can get some food to dip in it.

Reillee:  Oh, I am so much pretty!
Luke:  Yes, you are.  Am I so much pretty?
Reillee: don't have a princess dress.

playing house...
Gus:  Good night, Reillee!  Lights out! *kiss*
Reillee:  Good night!
Gus:  *snap*  Lights out, Sam.

EmJ:  I am saving all of my Halloween candy for the trip to Utah, when you try to starve us with (witch voice) fruits and vegetables!

Me:  Girls, I am going to take a shower.  If somebody knocks on the door come and get me.
Reillee:  I will not open the door if a stranger or a monster mocks on it!

Kaylyn:  *makes an unladylike noise*
Me:  Oh, man!
Reillee:  I an not a man!

Reillee:  *watching Princess Sing-Along for the 3 billionth time*  Oh, next is Snow White!  I hate her!  I hate Snow White!

EmJ:  They should cancel all the recesses for everyone today to make it fair because the older kids are missing their recess for the assembly.
Me:  Boo-hoo. Life's not fair.  Get used to it.
EmJ:  Yeah, like I want to be a bear so that I can sleep all winter, but I can't because life's not fair.

*Kaylyn is 6 months old now and crawling all over the place.  She started (Nov. 5) going from tummy to sitting.  Then during primary on the 18th, she created a little disturbance when she decided to crawl for real instead of army crawling!  My favorite is when I am ignoring her reading and she crawls over to grab my foot and if I will put down my book because she is cute or something!  She is also starting to show us her quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination.  My dad says, "Get her a glove!"

*At the time of this writing we are enjoying our November, with attendant preparations for a Thanksgiving trek to Utah.  We've also been adding daily to our gratitude wall...hopefully I will get around to posting all of our zany "thankfuls" before the end of the month, along with plenty of pictures (yeah, right) from our lovely trip!

Reillee:  My feets are not working!  We needa cut them off!

Grandma:  Do you want to go on a ferris wheel like this one? (in a book)
Sam: Yes!
Grandma:  Okay, I will take you on one.
Sam:  But, what if it's not free by then.  My mom says we can't go unless it's free.

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