Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Boss turns Five!!

 Behold, the Boss's Princess Unicorn Birthday Party!  Everything that we did and everyone that we invited was per the Boss's request and done to exact specifications.  There were chocolate cupcakes with lemon frosting and pink sprinkles, there were unicorn headbands, a birthday banner, a unicorn tail for just Sam, a unicorn centerpiece with unicorn lollipops, a jewel treasure hunt, pigs-in-a-blanket and grapes for lunch, lots of balloons, and too many gifts.  It was magic!

 Sam drew the unicorn for our game.  Oh, and she also requested that I straighten her hair.  Why, of course, Princess Unicorn Sam the Boss!

 I had to include this to forever remind myself of EmJ's leadership and childcare skills.  She was in charge of the party games and did fabulously, even if there was a little bit of "stay in line!" and "be quiet!" going on during the treasure hunt! :)  

She had a great birthday and is soooo happy to finally be 5!

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