Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This month...

*Kaylyn finally cut a tooth...or four.

*We were exposed to lice and strep.

*The Yankees came to town.

*Kaylyn dumped a cup full of milk into my running shoes.  That's what I get for asking everyone to put their shoes away and not following my own orders.

*The boys bushwhacked trails and made teepee forts in our neighborhood "woods".

*Sam had a "garage sale" but got bored after three minutes.  "This is taking FOREVER!"

*Joshua ran his last track meet.

*EmJ got her PhD (the highest elementary school math achievement you can get).  She also won the award for checking the most books out of the school library.

*The kids tried to keep catepillars as pets and killed them all.

*Benjamin got a toy dinosaur all tangled up in Samantha's hair, to which Reillee lamented, "Oh Sam, your pretty hair got stupid."

*We ate all the radishes in our garden.  And finished off every bit of jam, fruit, sauce, etc that we preserved last fall.

*I caught Kaylyn gnawing on a package of frozen ground beef.

*Reillee and Sam painted their faces with flour....and markers...and gum...and powdered sugar...and stamps...

*Kaylyn dumped out an entire bottle of fish food...twice.

*I had to call poison control after Reillee overdosed on Flinstone vitamins.

*EmJ walked past the stove and said, "Is that what we're having for dinner?  The smell just made me lose my appetite."

*Both of our fish died within a week.

*Reillee shattered the heart of a little girl at the park by saying that she couldn't play because she was "already friends with the other blue dress girl."

*We finished school and started our amazing summer vacation!!


Anonymous said...

This post had me ROFL!:)

zekesmom10 said...

We had a Flinstone's vitamins OD at our house when I was a kid! Thinking of you!